Prices include only transportation from Tulum town and entrance fees to the cenotes (DO NOT INCLUDE dive equipment or books and certification fees in case of training)

Diving toursPrice USDPrice MXPrerequisiteSummer TimesWinter Times
1 dive Casa Cenote751,500No Experience Necessary1:00 PM1:00 PM
1 dive Cenote Dos Ojo1002,000Open Water +1:00 PM1:00 PM
1 dive Casa Cenote, 1 dive Cenote 2 Ojos1553,100Open Water +1:00 PM7:00 AM or 1:00 PM
2 dives Cenote Dos Ojos1352,700Open Water +1:00 PM7:00 AM or 1:00 PM
1 dive Carwash, 1 dive Calavera1352,70010 dives +8:00 AM8:00 AM
2 dives Dream Gate1352,70020 dives +8:00 AM or 1:00 PM8:00 AM or 1:00 PM
1 dive Angelita, 1 dive CarWash1553,100Advanced Open Water +8:00 AM8:00 AM
1 dive The Pit, 1 dive T
emple of Doom
2054,100Advance Open Water or 20 dives + deep diving experience7:00 AM7:00 AM


PADI CoursesPrice USDPrice MXPrerequisiteDuration
Open Water Course4008,000Proficient Swimmer6 Dives 4 Days
Advanced Open Water Course4008,000Open Water6 Dives 3 Days
Emergency First Response Course1002,000Advanced Open WaterHalf Day
Rescue Diver4008,000Advanced Open Water8 Dives 3 Days
Dive Master80016,000Rescue DiverTwo Weeks Minimum


Tech Diving CoursesPrice USDPrice MXPrerequisiteDuration
Cave Diver Course1,75031,500Advanced Open Water14 Dives 8 Days
Nitrox CourseContact usContact usOpen Water + Half Day
Nitrox Advanced CourseContact usContact usNitrox Course4 Dives 3 Days
Open Water Sidemount CourseContact usContact usAdvanced Open Water4 Dives 2 Days


Snorkeling toursUSDMX   
(All snorkelling tours include rental equipment)
Cenote Dos Ojos701,400
Cenote Cathedral1002000
Sac Aktun "Pet Cemetary"1002,000
Turtle Beach1002,000
Snorkeling Gear Rental30600


Mask and fins5100